Fo’s of the year so far…

June 4, 2009 at 11:57 AM (finished knits, knitting)

Here are some finished knits of the year so far, I’m hoping I will have more added to the list!!!

this is a dress I made for my niece, she loves how the skirt twirls, it took about a month to knit, and I used Socks That Rock Heavyweight.

These are some Rockin’ Red fingerless mitts I made for going to hockey games. Its Vitals in DK superwash by Pigeonroof Studios. Took about 2 weeks to knit up.

These are Knitterly Things Vesper sock yarn in Boogie Man colorway. It happens to be the color way for the former Philly Phantoms hockey team, but I think its cool. πŸ™‚ I love striping sock yarn so expect to see a lot of those in the future.

The next batch is stuff I knitted for a friend who had a baby back in December. The baby is name Chaya (hi-ya)….I made her a dress (took about 2 months with hesitating on sewing on buttons-I’m horrible at sewing) with Hello Kitty buttons and a cardigan for when she was just born with matching booties. Both yarns are Socks that Rock, colorways are Lover’s Leap, and Goody Goody.

button close up πŸ™‚

full size of dress, this was before i wove in the ends.

the baby cardi

and the booties


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